Why Sotogrande should be next on your travel list

Everyone has heard of Marbella as one of the “must-see” destinations in Spain due to its “flashy” environment, which is teeming with top-tier celebrities and supermodels. However, Sotogrande is a hidden gem that is ideal if you can afford to splurge on the finer things in life.

If you are looking for a place where you can sit back and relax while knowing that you are safe and in a fantastic place to raise a family while also providing you with all of your needs, then forget Marbella because Sotogrande is the ideal place for you to create a happy life.

Safety is super important when relocating, a lot of people believe that well known areas like Marbella are safer because it has a reputation that everyone knows about, but actually Marbella and the east side of the coast is completely saturated and no longer considered as safe, whereas Sotogrande has a low-density construction level so it is quickly becoming ~the~ place to be!

What is it about Sotogrande that is so special?

Not as famous as its neighbour, Marbella, this locale is secluded and excellent for individuals who want to enjoy luxury in an unobtrusive setting. The largest private gated community in Europe is the perfect place to stay if you’re searching for peace and quiet. Would you like to learn more about this prestigious location?

Sotogrande is a great place to live for several reasons:

There’s nothing more important than your safety when moving. If you don’t know much about the area’s safety, it can be worrisome.

You will come to Sotogrande with peace of mind knowing you’re safe because the region is guarded 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This security makes this area a place of zero crime, meaning that you will be safe constantly. You can’t get that security in many places! Which is why many people wanting to raise a family, come to Sotogrande.

The sandy beaches are, of course, a luxury that should not be overlooked! Over 6km of coastline with magnificent views of the Rock of Gibraltar, as well as the stunning golden sand around a manmade lagoon, which is a stunning attraction.

The rolling hills and mountain views will appeal to those who enjoy nature. You’ll also enjoy exploring the Guadiaro River, which flows into the Mediterranean in Sotogrande. Of course, with all of this nature surrounding you, you are provided with a place of tranquilly and peace, where you can discover yourself and embark on a journey to create a calmer life. It is a natural paradise that you can’t find anywhere else.

Despite the fact that Sotogrande is a hidden gem, it hasn’t stopped film stars and singers from all over the world from purchasing homes here and returning year after year for some well-deserved peace and quiet. It is a secret hotspot that has been on the jet set’s second home list, a perennial favourite with royalty and nobility, and it offers all A-listers who visit a chance to keep a low profile; the privacy of this area attracts many stars who want to settle down from their hectic lifestyles.

There are many things that Sotogrande is famous for, which makes your travelling even more exciting. Did you know that it has the second-best international school in Spain? This amazing school is 5* star rated and provides private education to pupils aged 3-18. How perfect to be living in a location that will give your children the best start in life?<//p>

Family into sports? Sotogrande has it all! The third most important tournament in the world is home to this perfect location as well as World-class golf! There are five different golf courses like the Real Club de Gold Sotogrande or the La Canada. There is a variety for you to pick from! Golf fans may already know the world-famous Valderrama Golf Club, which is where the 1997 Ryder Club and The Volvo Master have taken place, not forgetting the well know Spanish Open!

Being surrounded by so much history and promise for future sports makes Sotogrande a luxurious place to come to. Whether you are a big sports fan or not, there is no beating the atmosphere and rich environment that is created from these sporting events.

It is also very well known for polo and equestrian sports. The Santa Maria Polo Club is one of the four leading polo venues in the world! It has seven polo fields, and the Grand Slam International Polo Tournament takes place in Sotogrande every summer. When you come to this top location, during the summer months you may bump into the top world polo teams and players who are gathered for a very unique International Polo event.

It is a sporting paradise! If you have outdoor or sport hobbies then you will adore Sotogrande! You can do anything from tennis, to paddle, horse riding to sailing. Giving you the top life that you deserve.

The beach life and holiday locations must be considered when you are planning to buy a property in this location. Sotogrande is home to two of the best beach clubs in the Spanish Peninsula! This summer the only 5 star ultra-luxury hotel is opening in Sotogrande, being the only one to exist in Spain. This is a huge attraction for this location, showing how flashy and glitzy this location can really be.

Private medical clinics, surgeries and hospitals are all available in Sotogrande and Spain’s Costa del Sol. There are excellent choices which are available to the community meaning you can benefit from great health care whilst in this location.

When you are in the area, you are not too far from Marbella, it is just a stone throw away and you can be there in just a 30-minute drive! The Gibraltar Airport is only a 15-minute drive away, giving you prime location to arrivals and departures. With these locations so close, it means that you can pop across to the glamour that is Marbella without having to disrupt your piece and luxury for too long.

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